We are happy to introduce our new step stopper drill kit

The newest state-of-the-art drills that are unmatched in the market today.

The drills come with an innovative coating used to create lower heat and longer life for the drill. This drill bits has built-in stoppers, when the diameter of the apical part of each drill bit is equal to the diameter of the drill bit preceding it. It means that the whole drilling process will be extremely controlled and will always yield exceptionally expected results.

Special fit to the anatomical shape of the implant.


  • Less drilling.
  • Adapted specifically to the anatomical shape of the implant.
  • Better initial stability.
  • Expected results every time.
  • Less heat generation.
  • Outstanding stability.

DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit DNT Coated 28pcs

Drills diameters: Ø2.8, Ø3.2, Ø3.65, Ø4.0, Ø4.5 mm

Each drill diameter has the following lengths: 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0mm

Also includes:

1 pilot drill with stopper
1 surgical bur
1 drill extender

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